I’ve managed and produced the following websites. My work included creating site architecture, writing proposals, tracking budgets, working with designers and technical staff to create the site, and creating content.

Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly
Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly provides distinctive, cutting-edge news coverage and analysis of national and international events in the ever-changing religious world.
Winner of a 2009 People’s Voice Webby Award.
Blueprint America
Blueprint America harnesses public broadcasting’s most prestigious programs and the web to shine an spotlight on America’s decaying and neglected infrastructure.
Faces of America
What made America? What makes us? Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates, Jr. turns to the latest tools of genealogy and genetics to explore the family histories of 12 renowned Americans in the PBS series Faces of America.
The third most-watched public television station in the nation, WLIW21 reaches nearly 1.5 million households each week throughout New York City’s five boroughs, Long Island, Westchester, New Jersey, and Connecticut.
Dutch New York
With the arrival of Henry Hudson in 1609 to the end of Dutch rule and subsequent “Act of Surrender” to England in 1664, Dutch New York brings the early history of New York City, Albany and places in between to life in a new documentary.
Looking for Lincoln
Looking for Lincoln explores the life and legacy of the man widely considered one of our best and most enigmatic presidents. Presented and written by Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
National Parks: New Yorkers' Memories
The local documentary National Parks: New Yorkers’ Memories focuses on the inspiring stories of New Yorkers whose lives were changed after visiting one of the nation’s national parks.
Malcolm X Project
The Malcolm X Project developed a study environment based on The Autobiography of Malcolm X, connecting his narrative to critical annotations and a digital archive of multimedia primary source materials.