web designer

This is a small cross-section of websites that I’ve designed.

The Fish Foundation
The Fish Foundation is a non-profit organization that works with community groups to develop innovative programs in four distinct areas — educational advancement, financial literacy, nutritional education, and psychological counseling.
Urban Dove
The Urban Dove is dedicated to enriching the lives of New York City’s at-risk youth by creating a supportive, positive environment where kids can develop the life skills and confidence they need to reach their full potential.
Peniel E. Joseph
Dr. Peniel E. Joseph is the founder of a growing subfield in American History and Africana Studies that he has characterized as “Black Power Studies” which is actively rewriting postwar American and African American History.
Souls is a quarterly interdisciplinary journal of the African American Studies department at Columbia University. The journal focuses on the critical examination of Black American and the African Diasporal experience since 1945.