Good Morning America

I wrote broadcast scripts for ABC-TV’s Good Morning America and World News Tonight with Peter Jennings from 2004-2008. At ABC, I wrote a wide range of news stories in a breaking news environment, which included interviewing guests, producing tape pieces and writing headline and anchor copy. I also worked under the constraints of tight deadlines, coordinating with producers, tape staff and graphics to nail down stories in time for broadcast.

From 2009-2010, I was the managing editor for thirteen.org and wliw21.org, the websites of two of the largest public television stations in the country. My work included writing articles for the website, conducting interviews with television personalities, and creating and editing online promotional material for both websites.

Some samples of my work include:

Q&A: Al Roker and Deborah Roberts help “Families Stand Together”

Q&A: Benjamin Franzen and Kembrew McLeod of “Copyright Criminals”

Interview with Alan Alda, Graham Chedd and Jared Lipworth of the PBS series “The Human Spark”

Q&A: Gary Hustwit, Director of “Objectified”

Q&A: Adventurers Denis Belliveau and Francis O’Donnell of “In the Footsteps of Marco Polo”

A History and Overview of Black-Identity Public Affairs TV

Interview: Producer Charles Hobson on “Inside Bedford-Stuyvesant”